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Moxa needling


Moxa needling is a technique based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and most relevant in cold/heat differentiations. These are discussed extensively in the Shang han lun. Illness can derive from pernicious factors such as wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness and fire. Combined with the constitution and strenght of the patient these factors can transform or intrude the body to certain dephts and thus cause disease. Especially cold ans weakness conditions can be treated by warming the body. Moxa on the needle can enter the body in a gentle manner and thus warm the interior.


Loose moxa is compacted with the fingers and then secured on to the end (tail) of the needle, the moxa is then ignated from the side closest to the skin, so that heat is not blocked by unburned moxa. Precut small moxa rolls can be used. They are ready to be placed on the needle. The procedure generates heat to the inserted and surrounding area.

A protective cover can be placed on the skin to avoid burning ashes falling on the patient.

Note: research findings indicate that sparse heat enters the body with this technique;  better ways should be explored


Length: 40mm

Diameter: 0,30mm-0,40mm