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Needling concepts

Needling concepts tells you all about the use of needles in clinical practice. Needles were used in Ancient China and is the main tool in TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine).  The diversity of needle use is increased in the past decades. Skills like Dry Needling and Percutaneous Nerve Stimulations have gained enormeous popularity.The keywords are ‘merging’and ‘differentiating’. Therapeutic needling techniques performed with acupuncture needles are merged on this website. And differentiated at the main features. In the end to solve this one question: 
 When, Why and What for do I use an acupuncture needle in my patient?

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Differentiations at 4 levels: Conditions/Needles/Theory/Technique.
Highest available evidence from National Guidelines and/or Cochrane database
Theory based treatment options.
Background information

Inform yourself

Enjoy reading and take notice of all the possibilities about therapeutic needling.

We created a theoretical environment with the aim to facilitate scientific research. To itemize the distinctive techniques should help us to formalize hypotheses for research. 


Inform us

We perceive this as a learning environment where knowledge can grow continuous.

Inform us about your particular experience with needling and/or explanations given for the specific technique. So we can add it to this knowledge base.


Stated slightly different: Which theory fits the needle?

That´s a good question! There are myriads of theories linked to the explanation why acupuncture ( puncturing of needles) might work. Most likely due to the fact that the original theory ( Qi, meridians and 5 elements) that we are dealing with non detectable ´metaphorical´concepts. Does this mean that the theory is useless? I would say, no, not at all, it just doesn´t match scientific models. And therefore to proof the theory as a whole is problematic. But which explanation or theory fits then? We believe that each technique has to be related to a specific hypothesis or explanatory model in order to define what happens in the body of our patients. This is actually what basic science is.

Question 1

How to manipulate the needle to release endorphins?


Example Question 2

How important is my intention when I want to influence the Qi?

Question 3

Which frequencies to use in electrical stimulations?

Acupuncture and the science of needling!