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About us


Qi-R is a small company seated in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Inspired by the rich tradition and beauty of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but frustrated by the difficult scientific breakthrough of this ancient knowledge. With the use of modern technology and challenging concepts, Qi-R hopes to bring about a new scientific awareness. And thereby facilitate scientific growth. 

Johanna Biemans

Founder and creative director.

Johanna has been involved in Chinese Medicine since 25 years. As a passionated acupuncturist she never stopped wondering about underlying mechanisms to explain this traditional system. Over the years many explanations passed the scene, from which never one could be satisfactory. And moreover instead of giving growth to the field it even more got scattered. And even more disciplines and theories emerged. After she finished her studies as a clinical epidemiologist she really started to focus on innovative possibilities to grow. Needling Concepts and The Needling App are the first products.