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Here is an example of a protocol for Acupuncture treatment for phantom limb pain:

Underlying pathology* Qi and blood stagnation ( swelling and heamatoma)
* Pathologies speicific to the individual ( as diagnosed during assesment)
Main treatment principles*Massage and reduce pain
*Move Qi and blood
*Treat pathologies diagnosed during assesment which are specific to the individual.
*Reduce stress and calm the mind if necessary
Style of acupuncture* Combination of body and auricular acupuncture
Limbs needled*Opposite limb to the amputation and possibly also the residual limb
Recommended auricular points*Shenmen (to calm the mind and reduce pain)
*Sympathetic ( to manage stress and anxiety)
*Points corresponding to the lower limb
Recommended body acupuncture points*Local points on the stump depending on the health of the tissue and the patients reaction
*Mirroring local and distal points by needling them on the opposite limb
*Points on the lower back taking a segmental approach to dermatomal pain
*4 gates (Li4 and Lr3) or Lr 3
*GV20 ( to lift the spirit, decrease stress and improve sleep)
* Sp10
Try and obtain Deqi when needling *Yes
Needle retention time*20-30 min.
Needle manipulation during retention time*Consensus not met
Use electro-acupuncture*Consensus not met
Use of moxa, cupping or other adjunctive treatment*Consensus not met
Treatment frequency*Weekly or twice weekly and reduce frequency a symptoms abate
Total number of treatments*At least six (approximately 10)

From: BMJ