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Bleeding needling

Theory based suggestions for treatment
Lu11 (Shaoshang)sore throat, epistaxis, pain of fingers, febrile disease, mental disorders, loss of consciousness.
Li1 (Shangyang)toothache, sore throat, numbness of fingers, febrile disease, loss of consciousness.
PC9 (Zhongchong)cardiac pain, irritability, loss of consciousness, aphasia with tongue stiffness, febrile disease, heat stroke, infantile convulsions, feverish sensation of the palm.
TB1 (Guanchong)headache, redness of eyes, sore throat, stiffness of the tongue, febrile disease, irritability.
HT9 (Shaochong)cardiac pain, pain in chest, mental disorder, febrile disease, loss of consciousness.
SI1 ( Shaoze)febrile disease, loss of consciousness, sore throat, corneal disease.
SP1 (Yinbai)abdominal distention, uterine bleeding, mental disorder, dream disturbed sleep, convulsions.
LV1 (Dadin)prolapse of uterus, hernia, uterine bleeding, enuresis.
ST45 (Lidui)facial swelling, toothache, distending sensation of chest and abdomen, cold in leg and foot, febrile disease, dream disturbed sleep, mental confusion.
KI1 (Yongquan)pain in vertex of the head, dizziness, blurring of vision, sore throat, aphonia, dysuria, dyschesia, infantile convulsion, loss of consciousness, feverish sensation in the sole.
GB44 (Qiaoyin)one-sided headache, ophthalmalgia, deafness, pain in the hypochondriac region, dream disturbed sleep, febrile disease
BL67 (Zhiyin)headache, nasal obstruction, epistaxis, ophthalmalgia, feverish sensation in the sole.


by Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Traditional Medicine, Portland, Oregon