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Percutaneous Nerve Stimulation

PTNS on Pubmed: FSD( Female sexual dysfunction) in women with overactive bladder improves after PTNS. PTNS also succesfull in OAB in Parkinson’s disease.

Specifications updates: ongoing research with some new indications and adverse events.


-“motor response”in PTNS procedure not necessary !

– in general counts: Botulinum Toxin A recommended as first option before PTNS

– try PTNS before surgery.

From: Tubaro A. et al, The management of overactive bladder: percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation,sacral nerve stimulation or botulinum toxin? Curr Opin Urol Jul 2015(4); 305-10


Recommendations Guidelines
NICE guideline CG171 Urinary incontinenceUsed for OAB with precaution
NICE guideline UK faecal incontinenceIPG395Faecal incontinence
AUA/SUFU guidelinenon-neurogenic OAB third-line recommendation
NICE guideline UKIPG450refractory neuropathic pain
European Association of urology: Urinary incontinenceUrinary urgency incontinence when antimuscarin therapy isn't working/appropriate
European Association of Urology:chronic pelvic painPPS: Prostate Pain Syndrome
Chronic Anorectal Pain


Recommendations Cochrane database
Recommended Publication date
PTNS for Overactive BladderDec, 2012
Theory based recommendations
Urologic IncontinenceUrge
PainBladder pain/IC
Pelvic pain
Voiding obstructionUrinary retention
Rectal IncontinenceFecal
PainChronic pelvic pain
Clitoral pain
PGAS( Persistent genital arousal syndrome)
AndrologicalProstateChronic ProstatitisIIIB/CPP

From: Biemans JMAE, van Balken MR. Efficacy and effectiveness of Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS) in the treatment of pelvic organ disorders: a systematic review. Neuromodulation, Technology at the Neural interface Jan/feb 2013;Vol. 16, no1.